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We have been to hundreds of networking meetings, mastermind groups and after-hours mixers. All with the hope of making that one connection, gleaning that golden nugget, or finding that one resource that will change our future. But they have all fallen short in one way or another.

This is why Tennessee Business Connection was formed.

We know success starts with the individual and grows from there. We also know we all juggle enough throughout the day that we don’t need more things to keep up with.

At TBC, we have combined all the best together into one space where you can access it all, easily and efficiently.

Having been a full-time Realtor® since 2004, I have learned a lot about networking, a lot about people, and even more about myself. As a Realtor, I learned that stay at home parents crave adult interaction. In my role as a Broker for a medium-sized office, I learned that independent contractors want people to share ideas and marketing strategies with. My years in networking groups were a great lesson in a lot of what not to do.

My time in a long-term Mastermind group showed me that people from other industries and different walks of life are beneficial for a fresh perspective. And being a client of business and life coaches throughout the years taught me that I am not alone. A lot of people, no matter what their daily activity consists of, have the same challenges. We have the same kind of dreams. And we have the same amount of hours in a day to get “it all” done.

I know what has worked for me in the past and I definitely know what hasn’t worked. I have spent big money in hopes of big results only to be disappointed and I have spent very little money on things that have literally changed the trajectory of my life. That is why I began Tennessee Business Connections. I believe in open-mindedness. I believe in diversity. I believe that we can learn something from everyone we have interaction with. I believe we all can be successful and I believe that there is always a solution.

Michelle Froedge

Michelle Froedge

Tennessee Associate

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